I came to Max about a year and a half ago after going blindly into the world of triathlon using a mixture of freely available material on the internet and books, and what I felt was the right thing to do by listening to my body. End result was many hours spent grinding away and mixed results in terms of performance. Working with Max taught me that it is not the volume of all workouts that counts towards performance, but the quality of the workouts that counts. With my work schedule getting busier as time went on, I had personalised workouts provided that fitted around my commitments and produced far better results. I can now actually swim and do 1500m 10 minutes quicker than on my own, my bike power has increased 25% and i’ve improved my half marathon time by 12%. Overall this then led me to an amazing time at Ironman 70.3 UK last summer, a tough first 70.3 but go big or go home, which i simply would not have been able to complete without Max, nevermind doing it in a competitive time!