Riccardo Composto – Season Review

26th October 2016 Max Curle

Riccardo Composto

I started training with Max in January 2016. My main objective was qualifying for the 2017 European championship for Olympic distance (ETU 2017).

My background and fitness was pretty good in swimming and running, but the bike has always been my weakness.

I have always been a self trained athlete and had very little knowledge of what to do to improve specific areas. My main struggles were managing work/life/triathlon balance as well as training for a specific race while also racing other minor competitions.

With Max, I have managed to improve dramatically my bike split and my overall fitness. To give an idea I knocked off 18 minutes (mainly from bike and run) from my 70.3 race (despite atrocious wether conditions this year) and more than 5 minutes from my Olympic distance. I managed not only to qualify for ETU 2017 but I also came 5th in my age group (30-34), which was extremely competitive age group!

During the year I set a few PBs, and managed to improve my half marathon time (now down to 1:20). I also came among the first three spots in most of the London League triathlon events for my age group, winning one of the Thames turbo sprint triathlon races.

What a year! Next challenge for me (and Max!) is doing well at ETU and qualifying for 2018! needs to resume! Looking forward!!


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