FSL module. Lecture 2 – 31/10/2019

8th November 2019 Max Curle

The second lecture started with a debreif and discussion on our prevuos blogs. The art of relective writing and using reflective models to base our blogs on. Until recently this is not something I have done, and therefore the models are new to me. All seem pretty similar to eachother to me. The one I have gravitated towards is Gibbs’ reflection model.

The point that I took from it is that we as teachers should be asking our students to reflect on their own work, and learnings to see what benefits they can gain from it.

The lecture moved on to our homework task, we were asked to continue our collage project from the previous session, and design a poster that representated ourselves and our teachings. My poster is below.


The top half of the poster are images of some of the sport and exercise successess I have had. Whilst the bottom half is images representing the work I have done over the last 15 years. My theroy behind it was to link the experiences I have had and how they have shaped my teaching/coaching career.

Having a brief discussion with the lecture team and some of my other class mates, it is beginning to dawn on me there is a lot of cross over between sports and teaching. From goal setting to motivation, to learning techniques. I sited the SMARTER goal setting tachnique, which could be used in reagrds to any aspect of life, but is familiar to me from Sports Psychology texts.


After a quick break and some administration, we were charged with the task of building a representation of a higher education building would look like after the nucelar holocaust (see last post).

Whilst other groups in the class had represesntions of there ideal builiding with luxury facilities, access for all, swimmimg pools etc. My group (made up of the memebers of the MRes course) built a much more practical building. Representing the different stages of learning, from Nursey and Primary through to Psot grad and PHd. Perhaps the differences between the two groups were that we were scientists and search for practical answers, and the other groups were full idelists and free thinkers… Or we grabbed the Lego first and just wanted to build a big tower!



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