FSL module. Lecture 3 – 13/11/2019

29th November 2019 Max Curle

FSL module. Lecture 3 – 13/11/2019

The third sesssions started with a recap of the previous session, in the form of a quiz. Dr. Tom being LMU’s version Jim Bowen, he fired out a few questions to a few unfortunate members. They were granted the ability to point at someone else if they did not know the answers. Which not only took the pressure off but also encouraged the class to interact, and lead to a few light-hearted comments being fired off. Dr. Tom ann the team subtly showing us more techniques to engage the griup.

We were then split in to groups for our task. This week the MRes students were all split up, probably a good thing!! It made me meet and interact with other members of the group. In my group was a Nutrition lecturer who I would definitely to have a further conversation with, given I do a lot of Sports Nutrition work.

…. On to the task, we were handed a paper scroll, once we opened it we were presented with an eduatcational article. The arrticle was very large and spread across the entire table. We were told this was a technique called text mapping. Having the text so large made breaking it down simple, allowing the group to scan through the text taking making notes on the scroll to get a sense of the article. Once we were finished were had to presents our findings to the reaminder of the class.

Our aticle was published in 2004, and focused on new technologies being used in education. Therefore the content felt out dated, however the text mapping technique is one which could of course be used.

However, in my own MRes studies I have been reluctant to print anything yet, and prefer to to use digital copies. This is due to the vast amount of paper I got through on my PG Diploma and the cost associateted , and I haven’t wanted to repeat this. I believe we should be encouring using less paper in HE.

Onwards… and upwards


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