FSL module. Lecture 4 – 27/11/2019

9th December 2019 Max Curle

The session started with an announcement that one of our classmates was awarded with the title of nutritionist of the year after his work with the Fire Service. I had previously seen this on the LMU website but was keen to hear he was in the room, I introduced myself to him and will be in contact soon, just once I have some time!

The class continued a review of the previous week, but in contrast it was dictated to us this time and we didn’t have the usual quiz. We reviewed and analyzed the previous weeks work and our review work, which I was pleased to of, completed after an incredibly busy and stressful couple of weeks.

We were then asked to complete a writing task, one we could potentially use with students. We were given some unholy task of writing non-stop for 5 minutes about equality within HE. The only catch was if we weren’t writing on the task we had to write about why we were not writing… I have written that much since I was 16, painful.

Once we were finished we spent time talking about how the task made us feel, I am always astonished the depth that my class members go into this, hate, anger, confusion, my main feeling was just crack on do what you can in the time, the competitor in me maybe? Even though I did not understand the question in full.

Unfortunately I had to leave the session early, so I am looking forward to reading the blogs of the other members to see what I have missed.



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